Time is Slipping Away

I just realized another week has passed and I should have posted a blog last night.  I am wrapped up in preparing for the burial of my husband, Ron, on March 4th and his Celebration of Life on March 6th.  I realized that is only four weeks away and it seems I still have so much to do.Time Management - find a way or an excuse

As we get older time seems to fly by.  Add a time-sensitive matter and time just goes on super-sonic.  As many of you know, my husband and I are/were both photographers.  Instead of a traditional funeral Ron wanted a Celebration of Life held at Studio 1219 with a display of his photography.  Preparation takes on a new meaning for something like this.I had to sort through what photos Ron had printed and ready for a photo show, then I ordered a couple canvas prints to go with them.  I still have to wire and label everything and it has to be at the studio before February 23rd for hanging.  This is also a Celebration of Live (memorial) so in addition to the standard photo show preparations I have the additional planning for that as well…guest book, paper and basket for guests to write memories, memorabilia, going through photos and creating a slide show, trying to guesstimate attendance and ordering food, flyers announcing the event, a Facebook event page, cards to have available for people to take at the event, and more.  Time Management - schedule our priorities

In the midst of all this I also work full time, have a 16-page newsletter for the family history group that is due for publication this month, I have to do our photography business records and file our sales tax this month, and I am still learning and juggling the things that Ron always handled, such as paying bills and doing the banking.

If you ask me if I’m doing okay I’ll tell you yes.  That wouldn’t be a lie.  I am doing okay.  I am also on an emotional roller coaster and am lacking self-motivation and seem to have depleted energy.  I assume that the lack of motivation and depleted energy are due to my emotional state.   I tend to be a positive thinker who doesn’t let things get me down.  This non-energetic state in which I lack motivation is new for me.  I don’t like it.  I am determined to beat it.  I have set what should be achievable goals for the month and will continue to work towards those goals.  I will focus on what needs to be done and move forward.   Positive thinking all the way!Time Management and Goal Setting


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