Girls Weekend

What happens when two sets of sisters who also happen to be cousins get together for a weekend?  Lots of fun, lots of laughs, and some memories.  Three years ago my sister and I and two of our female cousins started an annual tradition of a girls weekend.  We had traveled together with our parents as kids and now that our own children were grown it was an idea that moved into a fun, annual event.


Sisters and Cousins: Left side back, Lorraine, Left side front, Lyndell – they are sisters. Right back Carol, front Right Grace (me) – Carol and I are sisters.

This year the weekend was a bit more low-key.  I have a bad ankle that is in need of surgery, and Lori has a bad hip and is scheduled to have surgery, so mobility was an issue.  Lori lives on a large piece of property with ponds, a creek, and woods, so it was a nice setting for our gathering.  Her husband even deserted the home and went camping for two nights, leaving us alone for our silliness.

Saturday we went to Interlochen to see a Lindsey Stirling concert.  She is a violinist that gives an upbeat performance accompanied by dance and video.  Definitely a wonderful show.

Lori is a master gardener and that, combined with the vast amount of land, led me to wander a bit taking some photographs.  Lori prepared BBQ Ribs for dinner Saturday night – yummy.  A few glasses of wine, a few beers, and good food.  What more could you want?


Sisters and Cousins: Left side back, Lorraine, Left side front, Lyndell – they are sisters. Right back Carol, front Right Grace (me) – Carol and I are sisters.

One laughable moment was when my sister had a full glass of ice water sitting on a table between us.  She went to pick up the glass and who knows what happened, but the glass suddenly flew in my direction, dumping the entire glass all over the table, me, and the chair I was in.  Talk about a cold shock!  I screamed when it hit me.  How wet was I?  I completely changed my clothes.  To top it off, she dumped another full glass a few minutes later, decided it must be the style of glass she had selected, changed drink containers and all stayed dry from that moment on.

Lyn works at the Cracker Barrel in Traverse City and had to work on Sunday morning.  The rest of us went there for breakfast and did some shopping in the store.  If you have never shopped in a Cracker Barrel, they have a wonderful selection of candy, clothing, toys, and miscellaneous other items.  After breakfast and shopping we Moomer’s, a wonderful ice cream place in Traverse City, for dessert.  When you have dessert after breakfast, you know it is a good weekend!

Unfortunately the time passed quickly and it wasn’t long before Carol and I were each headed back home.  I’m now looking forward to next summer and a girls weekend with my sister and cousins.



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