Grace Grogan

Bio: As a child, Grace Grogan had a love of reading, writing and history. In her adulthood, those interests expanded to include photography, scrapbooking and genealogy. When her children were young, she did a “Grogan Gossip” newsletter that was mailed to family and friends on a regular basis. A copy of each issue was kept in a notebook and now serves as a current “genealogy” of her children’s lives growing up. She also completed a course with the Institute of Children’s Literature on writing magazine articles for children. After moving to St. Clair County in 2004, Grace attended a presentation by Marilyn and Diana Hebner from the Saint Clair County Family History Group, and that talk inspired her to join the club. In 2008, Grace became vice president of the SCCFHG, and in 2009 she became Newsletter Editor of the club’s newsletter, Blue Water Family Backgrounds. She continues to serve in those positions, as well as webmaster. Grace is also a member of the Blue Water Shutterbug Club, where she holds the position of Member at Large. She and her husband are owners of Times Gone By Photography. Their artwork is available at Studio 1219 in Port Huron, Antique Mall and Knowlton Ice Museum, plus a few other venues in St. Clair County. Grace went back to college in 2010 and obtained an Associate Degree in Business with a major in paralegal. She works full time at Gerry Mason Law Offices, PLLC in Marysville. In 2011, The Lakeshore Guardian contacted the St. Clair County Family History Group looking for someone to write a column on genealogy. Grace agreed to take on the task, and the column, “Who Am I? Researching Your Family History,” was born. In February 2014 Grace began attending a Freelance Writer's group in Rochester, Michigan and began working on her first book, which will be a true-life story regarding DHS/CPS, Foster Care, and her and her husband's battle to try to adopt their two grandaughters. The scenario continues and has not yet been resolved. You are welcome to contact Grace regarding the St. Clair County Family History Group, photography, her column in The Lakeshore Guardian or questions about her book. She can be reached at: Grace Grogan, 1886 River Road, Saint Clair, Michigan 48079; 810-326-3822; email: glgrogan@hotmail.com; Photography website: http://1-grace-grogan.artistswebsites.com; Times Gone By Photography Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Times-Gone-By-Photography-Quality-Photographs-and-Photo-Tips/192521598605

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  1. You ‘about page’ is lovely, Grace. Many blessings to you.

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  2. You have a nice blog here and I need to come by here more often!


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